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12 reviews for Pizza Oven | Pizza Maker

  1. Karl

    fast arrival, very satisfied

  2. Paul

    Really surprised me how easy it is to use and clean – Have now made 6 pizza’s and the results are brilliant – really glad I bought this little gem

  3. David

    Excellent compact pizza oven. Takes some getting the knack of turning the pizzas and I would suggest an infrared thermometer would help to know when it’s hot enough but makes fabulous pizza.

  4. Wouter

    Very well put together and easy to use ! It isn’t small but not massive . Excellent pizzas and steaks.

  5. Kayla

    Upon receiving the product, I of course had to break int in with Pizza. Once the oven got hot enough the pizzas were incredible. The stone cooked the pizza evenly and the crust was perfect. We had a pizza party on a warm day, and instead of heating the whole house up this fit perfectly in a small space on the patio and we never had to turn the oven on

  6. Matt London

    The oven is easy to setup and great to use. The family love it and use it when ever the suns out. It produces the best pizza we have ever tasted.

  7. Martin

    I got this a few weeks ago. Used it a couple of times now for wings, steak, shrimp, and of course pizza. My kids love it too. Fun and easy to use. Most importantly cooks wonderfully and is priced right. Glad I didn’t spend more for something else.

  8. Gabby

    As with anything it’s up to the end user to really learn how to use it, but all in all my first pizza out of this thing was amazing. The key is balancing out flame size/soot production and make sure you get the stone hot enough to get it right. BUY AN INFRARED THERMOMETER!!! You absolutely want to know temps throughout the stone and there is no alternative to an infrared thermometer so it’s a must have.

  9. Adam

    I love that the fuel tray is quite large so I don’t constantly need to add fuel. I also like that I can burn pellets, charcoals, wood chinks, etc. I have found wood chunks to be my favourite and to use a small, USB powered fan to blow into the fuel chamber to give a hotter burn.

  10. Alex

    I’ve been yearning for my own food-fired pizza oven for a while now. I have grandiose plans to build my own brick pizza oven once I own my own place, but in the meantime this is an amazing alternative.

  11. Pook

    Easy to use, great quality, outdoor pizza oven that cooks pizzas to perfection.

  12. Peter

    Excellent product. Came on time and is easy to use. Best pizza cooker I have found yet

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